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Does Your Job Influence Your Insurance Premium Rates?

Calculated risks are the determinants on which insurance companies determine their base premiums. Circumstances such as education, occupation, gender and driving history are few of the factors that they consider when defining your auto insurance policy.

Many people see these practices as controversial and unethical means by which insurance companies use to mint money out of their clients pockets. Whichever the case, auto insurance companies analyze statistics to determine which jobs involve higher or lower risks of vehicular accidents. It is surprising that stressful profession lead to lack of enough sleep or health issues such as doctors, lawyers or business owners. As such, insurance companies may charge higher auto insurance premiums compared to professions that are less stressful.

Are You In a High Risk Or low Risk Profession?

Less stressful professions including scientists, accountants or those in teaching profession have a positive rating associated with good mental health and detail oriented. To put it into perspective, teaching profession has better driving records that categorizes them as low risk drivers hence lower auto insurance premiums. So, how does your job influence what you spend on your monthly insurance premiums?

You should however take into account the fact that not every driver with a low risk profession is a low risk driver and vice versa. When you are in a high-risk profession, this does not automatically qualify you as a high-risk driver. In such a case, car insurance companies may adopt other means such as income, education and driving history to define your auto insurance quote. Basing on education, statistical averages show that people with four and above years of higher education have lesser likelihood of having accidents than their counterparts with less. When your spouse has higher level of education, then that person is best suited to sign up for single auto insurance premium as the main policyholder.

Why Do Insurance Firms Consider Job And Education Related Statistics To Calculate Risks?

Many insurance companies have in many occasions found themselves caught up in the crossfire for using education and job factors to determine the risks before providing insurance to clients. This appears to be a discriminatory ill though move to reap huge amounts of cash from clients. However, auto insurance companies argue that they use job and education statistics to calculate their risks in insuring clients. They further insist that job and education are only but secondary factors that come second after primary issues such as driving history and habits, marital status and gender that are vital in determining your auto insurance rates.

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