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Understanding Key Terms In Insurance Coverage- What Are Deductibles, Co-Insurance And Co-Pay In Insurance Coverage?

Insurance lingo is excessively complicated and some terms may make you want to grab a dictionary to understand their meaning. However, with us you do not need to solicit any further assistance. We help you understand the basics while cruising in this insurance ship. Deductibles, co-insurance and co-pay are the three terms that keep many people scratching their heads trying to comprehend their meanings. They are confusing, but the most surprising thing is they are all about cost sharing between you and your insurance carrier. Cost sharing is a common way of reducing low expenses that add up for insurance companies.


When you insure a certain service, the fixed amount of cash you pay for receiving that service is what many companies call co-payment. These upfront payments help you and the insurance company share expenses and cut on the costs of insurance firms. These payments help the insurance companies restrict people from claiming trivial health conditions and injuries.


Fixed amount of money you pay to the insurance company in order to claim any benefits from your coverage. Deductibles charges run on a yearly basis, paid before your coverage begins. Different companies have different deductible plans depending on a client’s cover and insurance policy. This variance also applies on the service eligibility before and after reaching your deductible.


This is the client’s share of costs on health services.

Choosing a proper package of co-insurance, deductibles and co-payments depends on a client’s needs. Those clients with les doctor visits have no concern for co-pays when shopping for coverage but may want to select high deductible policies that help them lower monthly premiums.

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